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Perry Bush has become well-known in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area as a creative home designer and builder through his company, Perry Bush Custom Homes.  Always innovative, consistently intriguing, his designs have been showcased in more than 360, one-of-a-kind homes identifiable by what Perry calls his "special effects."  

Perry's wife Becky has been by his side in the marketing department since meeting Perry at the 1994 HOMERAMA in Rollman Estates.  After 36 years, Perry has closed the building portion of his business to focus on providing architectural designs to other builders and individual clients through Perry Bush Residential Designs.  He also offers plans for renovations, remodeling, additions and exterior living spaces.  While he is, perhaps, best recognized for his eye-popping Contemporary designs, he is also well known for putting his innovational and novel spins on all styles - Tudor, Traditional, Modern, European and Transitional.

Perry is remarkable in the region for having designed and constructed more show homes for the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Cincinnati than any other builder, a total of twenty-seven award winners for HOMEARAME, HOMEARAMA LifestyleS, and CitiRama; and he has been a member in good standing with the HBA since 1984.  He has also designed and constructed office buildings, warehouses, condominiums and renovation/remodeling projects.  He is noted for creating homes with unique architectural appointments, unusual ceiling/wall treatments and state-of-the-art, energy efficiency features, including the EPA ENERGY STAR certification and LEED certified homes and is additionally recognized for his expertise in hillside developments.

Perry Bush Residential Designs plans are concise, accurate and arranged to minimize wasted materials.  All house plans are designed from conception to completion and created to the clients' specifications. 

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